Data Quality Project

Project summary:The Data Quality Project is developing products that improve access to data, and ability to assess fitness-for–use. This includes software development and other activities (e.g. training, workshops or other engagements) to enhance understanding of the quality characteristics of data available via the ALA.

The ALA recognises the importance of ensuring high quality, well annotated and described data for its community and is investing in this project over the 2020 calendar year to respond to feedback from stakeholder and user groups.
Project page:ALA Data Quality Project
Status:In progress
Time frame:February 2020 – December 2020
More information: Visit the ALA Data Quality Project page, or contact

Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Project summary:The Infrastructure Upgrade Project is replacing the various components of the ALA occurrence record system with software developed by Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) with adaptations for the ALA’s specific requirements.

After 10 years of active development, the ALA’s core data processing infrastructure is approaching ‘end of life’. It is no longer able to handle our data and user requirements heading into our next decade of operation. We are working closely with GBIF throughout the project and sharing updates with our user and stakeholder communities and the International Living Atlas community.
Project page:ALA Core Infrastructure Upgrade Project
Status:In progress
Time frame:December 2019 – December 2020
More information: Visit the ALA Core Infrastructure Upgrade Project or contact